Our Teachers

"That's the pride of a teacher: that he has the privilege to serve another student, because somebody served him."

-Yogi Bhajan



Co-Owner and Yoga Teacher

Natalie is a boy mom, wife, corporate public relations professional and co-owner of Charlotte Pop-Up Yoga with fellow yogi Christina Dunbar. As a volunteer with organizations that support trauma survivors, Natalie is passionate about using yoga as a tool to help others in their healing journey or to simply experience the many benefits of yoga in whatever way they need. Natalie enjoys writing, traveling, coffee and hiking. She's excited to bring yoga and mindfulness experiences to unexpected places in Charlotte and beyond.

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Co-Owner and Yoga Teacher

Christina is a mom of three, Family Nurse Practitioner, and wellness coach outside of her time co-owning Charlotte Pop-Up Yoga with Natalie. With 15+ years of healthcare experience, she is passionate about using mindfulness and yoga as essential elements of wellness.


Yoga and meditation have played a major role in her health and happiness as a busy, working mom and she is passionate about bringing the same benefits to others in the community.

Photo Credit: Maryn Graves Productions

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Yoga Teacher

Grace is an experienced registered yoga teacher (500 E-RYT), Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, and Ayurveda Wellness Counselor, and you can catch her teaching classes at Edge City Brewery and other pop-up opportunities. 

Grace shares: “My passions are rooted in science and equality, which inform my teaching of Yoga, and how I show up in the world. I study, and teach, from a long lineage that believes that life is inherently beautiful and that the path of Yoga is a toolset to better navigate the many twists and turns. My classes, whether restorative or flow, are infused with my passions, and quest for magic and joy.”



Yoga Teacher

Lindsay (she/her) is a 500hr certified yoga teacher (CYT) and Yoga For All certified instructor, passionate about helping people enjoy yoga where they are.

She began to explore yoga beyond the physical asana practice during the pandemic, inspiring her to sign up for teacher training in September 2020. This training sparked a fire in Lindsay and she has not wanted to stop teaching or learning ever since.

Yoga is for everyone, and she wants her students to feel empowered to explore, take up space, and make their own choices during her classes.

Lindsay is currently leading one of our Yoga at Work programs and you can catch her subbing for some of our public classes as well.



Yoga Teacher

Jill’s classes are known for being light-hearted and rejuvenating. They leave you feeling empowered and at peace.

Jill personally experienced the healing power of yoga after a head injury changed her life. Yoga has been instrumental in regaining her balance, focus, and clarity. She truly believes in the healing power of yoga and her passion is to spread the secrets of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to all.

With a B.S. in psychology and 10+ years of surgery experience, health and wellness are her forte. To expand on her experience and knowledge she was awarded her 200hr yoga teacher certificate from Chakra Flow University and is a Reiki practitioner. Truly encompassing the mind, body, and soul.

Jill uses chakra yoga to keep the energy centers of your body cleansed, balanced, and open. She leaves your mind and body energized while your soul experiences peace. Jill balances her teaching by leading both Power and Slow Vinyasa, as well as, deep stretch classes.

When she's not teaching, she is passionate about traveling, spending time with her dog, Tank, and finding balance in nature and laughter (lots of it!).



Yoga Teacher

Courtney’s goal is to provide yoga to those that would otherwise not practice yoga. She has a background in dance and started her yoga practice in a modern dance class warm-up without even realizing she was practicing yoga. Courtney enjoyed the benefits of yoga and continued her practice at local DC studios until moving to Charlotte, NC. She continued her practice and in 2017, began to pursue her 200 Yoga Teacher Training Certification. She completed her 200 RYT in the Tantra Lineage, continued her training by completing a 300 hr Teacher training focused on social justice in 2021, certified in Mindfulness Meditation and is an Accessible Yoga Ambassador.